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About our China Company Verification Services

Jul 272020


China Company Verification Services



If you are considering investing in or partnering with a Chinese company, it is critical to conduct due diligence on the Chinese company. New Horizons Global Partners can provide critical services to provide you with the information that you need to make an informed decision.

About Our Chinese Company Verification Services
Our professional Chinese company verification services can provide you with the detailed information that you need when conducting business in China. We have greater access to information that is not readily available to the public so that you know everything you need to know about potential business partners.

Our local experts conduct a thorough investigation into the business and the executives with whom you are considering doing business. We speak the language and can find the information that you need. We provide a comprehensive report so that you can make important decisions about your business or potential investments from a position of knowledge and confidence.

Why China Company Verification Services Are Important
If you are conducting business in China, purchasing components from a Chinese company, importing products from China or planning to invest in a business in China, it is critical to conduct a China company verification process.

The information that the Chinese company or investor gave you may not be accurate, so it is important that you independently verify all information.

This process can help protect you from investing in a bad deal or being scammed. It can also protect your business reputation by avoiding nefarious companies in China.

The China Company Registration Lookup Process
Each registered business in China has a unique registration number that consists of 8 characters, including six numbers and two letters. This number is exclusive to one business.

We use this number to search for and identify the company. This allows us to determine if the company has a valid legal presence in an incorporated entity in China. This process represents the beginning of our search. Having a valid business license can support that a particular entity is reliable and has longevity in the market.

Information Gathered During the China Company Verification Process’
The China company verification process provides you with an effective method to verify the information that you have received. Some of the information that we can uncover with this process include the following:

Registered legal person
Registered address
Business license expiration date
Registered capital
Scope of activity
Whether the person with whom you are communicating has decision-making power
Any fraud history of executives
This is just a small sample of the information that we may be able to uncover as part of our China company verification service.

Financial Information
A critical aspect of the due diligence process is determining the validity of financial information that has been shared with you. If the company that you are considering doing business with is a listed company, we can gather the following information:

Equity structure
Percentage of shares
Major shareholders
Name of account owner
Forms of investment
Capital availability ratio
Our team reviews a variety of financial documents to provide you with comprehensive information, including the following:

Bank statements
Applications for bank loans or credit with financial institutions
Real estate records
Promissory notes
Letters of credit
Government documents
We will review all accessible information and provide you with a report regarding our findings.

Reference Check
An important aspect of the due diligence process is to check the references of the business and review third-party evaluations regarding the business and shareholders. We can check the business’ suppliers, customers and competitors to learn more about the business and its reputation.

We can discuss with these individuals whether the business responsibly handles debt and responsibilities. We can also explore the company’s relationship with customers and others in the marketplace.

Comprehensive China Company Verification Services
Our comprehensive China company verification services involve the following:

Verification of company registration address
Legal verification of China companies
Company registration detail information
Legal inspection
Reputation review
Company ownership chart
Search of subsidiaries and branches
Site identification
Review of company annual return
Review of company certifications and licenses
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