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How to Ensure a Chinese Company is legit?

Jul 272020

Ensure a Chinese Company is legit

Get Peace of Mind
Dealing with a Chinese company can present many challenges, but getting reliable information about them doesn't need to be one. Get the information you need to protect your business with China Checkup's online verification services. Most services have a guaranteed turnaround time of just 1 working day

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Fast & Accurate
Use our verification services to confirm a Chinese company's business registration - protecting your business and building trust. Our English-language reports feature clear explanations and are sent direct to your inbox in PDF form. With fast, guaranteed turnaround times our reports have helped thousands of clients do business in China safely.

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Save Time, Order Online
Looking up Chinese companies is a time-consuming task which usually yields either little information, unreliable results or both. Save your valuable time and get information you can rely on - order a verification report online from the experts today. Pay with credit card or a PayPal account

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